Book Club September 19th


Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at 12:45 pm

La commissaire n’aime point les vers is a 2010 novel by the French author Georges Flipo.Electre_978-2-07-044281-2_9782070442812Thriller announced for Book Club in September! Buy your book ahead!

La commissaire n’aime point les vers is a crime story, where the main character, the police chief is a woman!
Police Chief Viviane Lancier isn’t exactly the poetry-lover type, and as if she didn’t have enough problems on her hands with her ex and her diet attempts, here she has to deal with literature to boot and finds herself involved in a murderous affair with poetry at its heart…

The plot of this captivating novel is full of action, intrigue, unexpected turns and a dry sense of humor. This book with a simple style, straightforward vocabulary and appealing characters will definitely reach a wide audience.

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