AILS Conference: Transhumanism & Ethcis

CONFERENCE – Wednesday, May 10th

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Transhumanism & Ethics: The enduring appeal of Artificial Intelligence – promises, accomplishments and disappointments

The ultimate goal in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been to construct a machine (in today’s terms, to program a computer), which can simulate any and all aspects of human intelligence (e.g. logical reasoning, creativity, ability to learn, ability to communicate in a natural language, etc). As a field of study, AI has a long history. Indeed, over the centuries, some relatively simple aspects of human intelligence have been successfully simulated by mechanical means. However, the advent of the computer stimulated the research in AI, and among other accomplishments, the human ability “to think logically” was effectively simulated. We will present a survey of AI’s accomplishments and address its future from a technical and ethical point of view.

Presented in English with Q&A and cocktail reception.

Biography: Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Prof. Gabrovsky studied cybernetics at Sofia University, and computer science at Warsaw University and Syracuse where he received his Ph.D. After working in the industry (with IBM as Senior Associate Programmer, and with UMB Financial as Executive Vice President), he taught at the University of Southern Main and, since 1989, at CSUN, as Professor of Computer Sciences. His research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Logic Programming, and Non-standard (Alternative) Logics.

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