Conversation with Guillaume Serina

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Thursday, May 4th

Reagan/Gorbachev: Reykjavik, 1986

GUILLAUME-SERINA-696x406Moderated by Samy Ayari, Guillaume Serina will comment on the Reykjavik summit, which came close to ending the nuclear competition between the East and the West, and discusses how this historical meeting — which remains curiously unknown — revealed the political climate, the strengths, and the weaknesses of both leaders.

Programme :
7 :00pm : Presentation
8 :00pm : Q&A
8 :30pm : Reception

Presented in English. Q&A in French or English

Free for AF members and $10 for non members

Biography : Guillaume Serina is the correspondent of both Le Journal du Dimanche and Le Parisien Magazine and is based in Los Angeles and specializes in North American History. He is the author of Barack Obama ou l’Amérique nouvelle (L’Archipel, 2008), as well as Obama face aux dix plaies de l’Amérique (L’Archipel, 2012). In 2008, he founded “L’Agence France USA Media” and an online magazine Nouveau Monde (