Kids Film Screening


Takes place on Sunday, March 20th, at 3.00 pm at Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz.

In celebration of moi de la Francophonie, Alliance Française de Los Angeles, in partnership with Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz present Gus, petit oiseau, grand voyage (Yellowbird). This kids film screening is presented as part of the 2016 celebration of the Francophonie.

Darius, the leader of a flock of birds, is wounded just before it is time for the birds to migrate to Africa. Information about how to lead to the migration has to be passed to the first bird that encounters Darius.That is Yellowbird who is very excited by the challenge but has very little life experience.

The story is the hero’s journey in search of a family of his own…with the most unlikely hero: Yellowbird  is a teeny tiny bird that has no business leading a whole family of birds on migration, a bird who has never left the nest and has no family besides a very astute Ladybug as best friend.

This Film is presented in French with English Subtitles.

Click here to watch the trailer!