Fête de la Chandeleur


Join us on Saturday, February 6th all day long!

Normally celebrated on the 2nd of February, Chandeleur marks the end of the Christmas period coming exactly 40 days after Christmas. The word “chandeleur” comes from “chandelle” meaning candle. Marking also the halfway point between winter and spring, (like Ground Hog’s Day) in France families celebrate by eating crêpes, which are round and golden like the springtime sun.

Not only do the French eat a lot of crêpes on Chandeleur, but they also do a bit of fortune telling while making them. It is traditional to hold a coin in your writing hand and a crêpe pan in the other, and flip the crêpe into the air.
If you manage to catch the crêpe in the pan, your family will be prosperous for the rest of the year.

There are all kinds of French proverbs and sayings for Chandeleur; here are just a few. Note the similarities to the Groundhog Day predictions made in the US.

À la Chandeleur, l’hiver cesse ou reprend vigueur
On Candlemas, winter ends or strengthens

À la Chandeleur, le jour croît de deux heures
On Candlemas, the day grows by two hours

Chandeleur couverte, quarante jours de perte
Candlemas covered (in snow), forty days lost

Rosée à la Chandeleur, hiver à sa dernière heure
Dew on Candlemas, winter at its final hour

Delicious crêpes and refreshment will be served Free all day long so don’t forget to stop in the Children’s Library to enjoy.

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